Lighting the main path in Acton Park

Completed Project

Project Date(s): February 2019 to October 2019

At a discussion in the Churchfield Community Association (CCA) committee meeting, we agreed to propose to the East Acton Ward Forum that funding should be provided to put lights on trees in the main north-south path through Acton Park which goes from Acton Central Station past the new school and to the Uxbridge Road. This path is now open late afternoon and early evening and heavily used by parents collecting children from the new school, including after-school activities, as well as by many people using it on their way home between station and buses on the Uxbridge Road. There are no lights at present, other than those on the front of the school, so the path is quite dark in places in winter. We will suggest that lights are put on the large trees that line the path, that they are just switched on in winter months (say Nov-Feb) and for limited hours such as 6 to 8.30am and 4.00pm to 8.00pm. Attaching them to trees and running cables across at height should avoid the need to erect lamp poles except perhaps at one end to attach to the supply. But other ways of lighting could be considered.

Acton Park, from Churchfield Rd East to Acton Vale

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Contact Name: Maureen Colledge


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We welcome comments from interested parties to this outline proposal. Support from other community and user groups would be welcomed.

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