Leaflets & Posters

It may seem obvious that you need to tell people about what you are planning to do, but planning what you are going to say, who you are going to say it to and how could be the difference between the success or failure of your plans.

Leaflets and posters are tried and tested ways of telling people about what you are doing. Knowing how many you need of each will help you decide whether to use one or both of them for your project and how many you will need.

It can be a bit of a challenge, but here are some ideas to help you.

Can you do it yourself or can others help you?

If you aren’t feeling confident yourself maybe one of your neighbours can help. Lots of people work with design type software packages either through their work or just as a hobby so it’s always worth asking for help.

There are also many websites out there which can make your life easier with templates for different styles of eye-catching leaflets. You can select a design, add your own information and then send them to print. Some websites such as https://www.canva.com/ offer free template downloads. Websites may charge for some templates but there are usually enough free options to cover most needs. Go on, get creative. It’s amazing what you can do.


The types of things you may want to tell people about

What is your project all about? Make sure you include all the exciting details about what you are doing.

What are you trying to achieve? Use examples of what the aim is and what difference the project could make.

When is it happening? Make sure you include as much information as possible, correct venue, postcode, dates and times to meet.

How can people get involved and help? Be clear about what you want people to do.

Where can people go for more information? You can provide a link to your website or your community project page on Do Something Good.

Who can people contact for more information? It might be a good idea to have an email address and a telephone number for people to contact.

Designing your leaflet or poster 

As well as the list of things you want to tell people– you will need to think about the following things to help your leaflet or poster attract people.

Stand out – make the title of your event or the headline of your leaflet stand out. This is your first chance to catch the person’s attention and if you make it interesting enough they will remember what you’re doing for longer.

Clear and simple – make sure you get your message across. Don’t try and be clever or too funny because the information may get lost and some people might not get what you are trying to tell them.

A picture says a thousand words – using a picture can help you get your message across without having to use lots of words and it makes your leaflet and poster look more interesting.

Bigger isn’t always better – think about what size leaflet and poster you need to be effective. As the sizes and numbers needed increase, so does the price.

Check, check, check – take your time to check all the information on the leaflet or poster is correct. Double check spellings, dates, times and contact information. Mistakes do happen but they can also cost more money to correct.

On time – if you are using a print shop or someone else to get your leaflets or posters printed, make sure you check when you will be able to collect them. You need to give yourself enough time to distribute them or put them up.

Leaflets are a quick and simple way of getting neighbours informed – you can run off small numbers on a printer or get photocopies made – it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Posters are only as good as the places you can put them up. So think of where you will put them up, before you print lots.

​Flyposting – no, no, no……..Sticking your posters up on lampposts, street railings or any other public place without permission is a big no no – It’s illegal and can be prosecuted.

But you can put your posters up in places like libraries, doctors’ surgeries and also ask local businesses. Depending on the size of your project, you might even be able to persuade a local business to pay for the printing of the posters by offering them some space on it to advertise their shop.

Community noticeboards

Ealing Council has a large number of community noticeboard sites spread across the borough. There will be some in your local area. Unfortunately, these are not free but are subsidised for charitable groups or community organisations. This includes the printing and production of your large format poster.

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