Learning volunteer skills

Volunteering is any activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment or someone, including, close relatives. This can include formal activities undertaken through public, private and voluntary organisations as well as informal community participation.

Volunteering can be very flexible and depending on your interests, time and skills, there are hundreds of different charities and community groups in Ealing which you can support and hundreds of roles available to you as a volunteer.

If you are seeking a volunteering role or currently are an active volunteer then Ealing Adult Learning has a series of accredited training courses, which aims:

  • To explore the use of volunteers in different settings: including community groups, charities, and other organisations.
  • To understand the benefits of volunteering.
  • To identify personal expectations, motivations and the level of commitment required to successfully volunteer.
  • To examine the range of skills required in different volunteer settings.

This course will enhance progress with employability, digital skills, first-aid and much more.

Enrolment and Information Service: 
Email: adultlearning@ealing.gov.uk
Tel: 020 8825 5577 (Mon-Fri 10am – 2pm)
Website: www.ealingadultlearning.org.uk



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