Using this site safely

As part of the registration process we ask users to validate their email address. This helps to significantly reduce the risk of imposters, but there is always a chance someone is not being genuine or sincere with what they post, so we ask that users read through these recommendations and use their own discretion on the safeness of requests posted or help offered.
If you are ever in doubt, do not proceed and feel free to withdraw your request or offer of help from the site at any time. You can also use the reporting function to make us aware of anything you may find suspicious.

Think about your posts
Many requests for help will require face to face or home to home interactions like dog walking, putting up a shelf or help completing a form. Users should be mindful of the level of risk associated with this.

You will need to use your discretion about what you are prepared to request help on and whether you think it could be high risk; for example help for an elderly or vulnerable person. Some people may not want to ask for this type of help at all, others only when they have come to know their neighbours well.

In summary here are some of examples of things to consider…

  • Don’t tell people that your house will be empty over a certain time period, as this information could clearly be used for the wrong reasons.
  • Don’t meet up if you feel threatened in any way
  • Don’t send a child to meet a neighbour you don’t know
  • Don’t hand over the keys to your house or car to an individual you don’t know or trust
  • Don’t meet with an individual under the age of 18, unless they are accompanied by an adult
  • Don’t post personal details on the public forum of the website. We recommend only giving these details through a private message once a relationship has been built up.
  • Do let someone else know when and where you’re meeting with a person
  • Do be mindful of not posting details regarding vulnerable people if posting on behalf of others
  • Do take your mobile phone
  • Do speak to people on the phone before meeting them. It can be reassuring for both parties.
  • Do ask for advice from a friends or relative if you are unsure whether something you might say is unsafe.

Changing your mind
If, at any point from making your first post to meeting a neighbour that has answered your request, you change your mind; please feel free to withdraw the request. Requests and offers of help have no obligation on either side and your comfort with meeting new people is paramount.