Neighbourhood Watch

If you are interested in helping to create a strong and active neighbourhood, where you can reduce the possibility of crime and anti-social behaviour then Neighbourhood Watch could be right for you. There are benefits to getting better acquainted with your neighbours. Knowing the difference between when they should be at home and their home being occupied by an uninvited guest can help to reduce crime.

NW has a history that dates back to 1964 when the first group was set up in the Unites States to inform and reassure residents about a local crime. Since then it has grown wide and far, to include many communities in the UK.

The aim of NW is to promote safety by creating a set of caring communities, neighbours who look out for each other, regardless of class, age and race barriers, and working with the police to build a crime free existence. There are many benefits of setting up a NW:

•    You can invite the local police to speak to your group on home security improvements
•    It can help encourage residents to work together on projects such as alleyway clean-ups
•    Promotes friendships in neighbourhoods, preventing people from becoming isolated or afraid
•    Provides the elderly with regular contact from neighbours
•    It can help to reduce the cost of your home insurance
•    Helps to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour

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