Climate Action is everywhere, particularly within the Borough of Ealing!

ActForEaling was created in 2020 by Ealing community members to connect and nurture the incredible range of climate action happening in the borough. With the launch of Ealing Council’s Climate Strategy, it was clear the local community had a vital role in achieving net zero – ActForEaling wanted to help.

ActForEaling’s mission is simple – to promote, connect and facilitate activity to make the borough greener and more sustainable. To achieve this ActForEaling created a website to promote the borough’s activity that supports climate action or biodiversity. Since 2020, we have brought together local organisations, businesses, schools and individuals to create meaningful climate progress through events, online content, competitions, network meetings and workshops.

ActForEaling wants to make it easy and exciting for every individual and neighbourhood in Ealing to adopt sustainable habits. From not wasting food or energy, to planting window boxes or repairing clothes – there are so many opportunities to learn more in Ealing!

ActForEaling wants to promote this web of activity. Ultimately, ActForEaling is here to support, empower and raise awareness. We want to widen the ActForEaling partner network to make sustainability accessible to everyone in the borough.

By joining ActforEaling, partners will benefit from:

  1. Promotion and amplification of partners’ activities
  2. Opportunities to join Ealing based collaborations to promote climate & biodiversity
  3. Support from a borough-wide network of organisations and individuals progressing to net zero.

Partnership is completely free. Your organisation will be added to our Partners and Projects webpage, including your logo, a blurb about your organisation and contact details for
visitors to reach you. We then invite you to share your plans with us and get involved with relevant events whenever possible.

We are here to collaborate, and most importantly to make an impact. ActForEaling cannot do this without a thriving community.

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