Grove Farm Litter Pick

Ongoing Project

Once a month LAGER Can and Friends of Grove Farm carry out a litter pick in and around Grove Farm local nature reserve, next to Sudbury hill tube station.  We are voluntary groups working on the behalf of the community improving the area for all.

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This is usually the second Saturday of the month at 10am.  Dates change due to bank holidays so please look for up to date information on our web site:

An overview of Grove Farm Nature Reserve

Grove Farm is a hidden urban gem which provides a biodiverse natural space in North Greenford. The deciduous woodland on Grove Farm contains broadleaf trees such as oak, ash, elm, hazel and blackthorn. Grove Farm has a particularly magnificent display of wood anemones in spring as well as native bluebells. It has rare trees including many wild service trees. All these species are indicators of ancient woodland. A stream runs along a valley through the site adding to its nature conservation interest.

A larger area, overlapping the LNR in places, has been declared a SINC, Grade 1 by Ealing Council. This means it is recognised by the Council as a site of particular importance to wildlife and biodiversity, consequently  damage to this site would mean a significant loss at the Borough Level. Both the LNR and SINC sit within a wider green area designated as Metropolitan Open Land (MOL), which means that it is intended to be protected as an area of landscape, recreation, nature conservation or scientific interest and afforded the same levels of protection as the Green Belt.  This wider area of Grove Farm has been appreciated by locals as a site of recreation and natural beauty for over a century. John Spendan Lewis, who created the John Lewis partnership, owned and appreciated the natural beauty of Grove Farm from 1909 – 1919. He opened up the site to John Lewis employees for recreation. It was then bought by Lyons for local employees and finally passed into the ownership of the Council for all to enjoy.

Grove Farm, Ealing, Greenford, UK

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