Clearing The Way

Moving to a new area is not always easy but Egor and Elena took a creative approach to get to know their neighbours better. They found a space not far from their home in Northolt which would be perfect for small parties and barbeques – it just needed a bit of TLC and some imagination.

Cluttered with beer cans, dumped furniture and home to a rat infestation it was not an easy task but they knocked on their neighbours’ doors and got some help. Together the neighbours cleared the rubbish and got rid of the diseased trees replacing them with beautiful flowerbeds and donated garden furniture. Egor made use of his carpentry skills and built a gazebo and a shed and slowly the once unloved space came to life.

Since completing the project, the new group of friends have been busy using the space and keeping the area litter free. Lynn, who also helped with the clear-up, said: “Before this lovely couple moved in, most of us elderly residents kept to ourselves. But this project has helped us create new friendships. The garden has become a special place for all of us, a little green haven for us to be together and enjoy each other’s company.”

" Before this lovely couple moved in, most of us elderly residents kept to ourselves. This project has helped us create new friendships" - Lynn

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