Overnight watch for homeless shelter

19 February 2015 to 31 March 2019

Acton, Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, Southall

We run a roving shelter for homeless people in church halls during the winter months.  There are 23 different venues, and each gives a few nights hospitality with dinner, bed and breakfast as well as some company.  Each night up to 14 people, referred by the outreach agencies, can get safely off the streets and have a good nights rest.  Each person stays with us for up to a month while they try to get their lives into a more stable situation.

We particularly need night watch volunteers.  Overnight, 4 people stay on site (for insurance reasons, just to ensure all is safe). They take it in turns for two people to sleep for 4 hours (11pm-3am and then 3am-7am).  At least one of the volunteers will be an experienced helper who knows the building and can take charge, but we still need more helpers.

Volunteer - practical skills