About the Tribunal

Following on from the demands  set out by the Ealing Race Equality Commission’s report, a Citizens’ Tribunal has now been established.

The Citizens’ Tribunal is independent of the Council. Its objectives will be To hold the Council and its partners to account on the delivery of its commitment and responsibilities to fight race inequality and promote race equality.

  • To suggest ideas and initiatives for how the Council can most effectively fight race inequality and promote race equality.

Members of the Tribunal along with a Chair of the Tribunal have now been appointed. Members appointed to the Tribunal all work on a voluntary basis.  Their collective expertise and lived experience   respond to areas identified in the report that requires urgent action.  The Chair along with the nine members will lead the work programme to scrutinise the actions and plans the Council and its partners have put in place to address race inequality. Tribunal members  will deploy a range of tools and activities  with which to hold the Council and its  partners to account.

Detail of the activities of the Tribunal will be developed over the coming months but its role will include: 

  • To work with public bodies, businesses, the community and voluntary sector, and citizens in Ealing to scrutinise and develop proposals for implementation of the Commission’s demands.
  • Consult with other councils, public bodies and expert organisations and communities, locally, regionally and nationally in order to learn from what has worked elsewhere in developing ideas for implementing change.
  • Influence local leaders in the development of policy and strategy, and the allocation of resources.
  • Promote the effective engagement of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities in the work of the Tribunal.
  • Report on progress on race equality and the impact of inequality and discrimination on the different communities of Ealing.