Meetings and Activities

The Citizens’ Tribunal has been set up following the Ealing Race Equality Commission, to act as an independent body to the council, to track the council’s progress in delivering the demands of the commission, and ensure the council meet them.

The tribunal will be hosting regular meetings with speakers invited to address key issues. Find the dates here of their open meetings, to which members of the public are invited to join, participate and share their views on how to tackle racial inequality.


Date Meeting/Activity Link/Information to either join live or listen to later Time
Tuesday, 28 March 2023 1st public meeting – Focussing on health 6-8pm
Wednesday, 5 July 2023 2nd public meeting – Focussing on education 6-8pm


As part of the work of the Citizen Tribunal independent scrutiny around priorities identified in the Race Equality Commission report – Public meetings are being held with Tribunal members, responsible officers, Portfolio Holders(councillors), and experts in the field to present to the public in Ealing, how the Race inequality gaps identified in the report were being addressed.

Find out what questions were posed by the public with responses from Tribunal members and Ealing Learning Partnership officers to ensure transparency and provide updates.   

Responses to questions received at Tribunal public meeting Education subgroup on 5 July 2023 Final