TYS2 Greenford Bridge Riverside Renewal

19 November 2015 to 3 April 2016


This project will transform the filthy Greenford Bridge area and river path along Ruislip Road East.
A phased approach will help manage funding and project delivery.

Phase 1: Upstream of Bridge - 200m
- ease access to river pathway
- revive riverbank by bridge area
- improve light, sight lines and river visibility
- add to riverside biodiversity with native/marginal plants
- introduce boxes, preserve areas to support & protect wildlife

Phase 2: Downstream - 50m
- improve riverside and path

Phase 3: Area opposite Costons Brook
- add ‘Iconic feature’ eg millstone; sculpture in natural material
- build bug hotels
- add to wild meadow area and native/orchard planting
- add information boards

Phase 4: Greenford Ave to Cuckoo Ave
- widen path and manage hedges
- establish river walk along the ‘oxbow’ section
- clear river litter where safe to do so

Phase 5: Cuckoo Ave to Rail Bridge
- improve access, widen/even path for less abled or pushchair passage.

How you can help

Finance & fundraising

If you want to back this project, help us crowdfunding.