Sustainable Wellbeing

Ongoing Project

These Wednesday morning sessions are ideal if you’re looking to volunteer!

Our Sustainable Wellbeing sessions will combine a bold site makeover (garden DIY, sustainability improvements, gardening and landscaping) with an opportunity to support you in any wellbeing goals you may have.

The second element is covered informally at break time, and is entirely optional if you feel you’ve already got the balance just right… The Sustainable Wellbeing programme aims to help participants embed Growing Wellbeing learnings, like mindfulness and the 5 Ways to Wellbeing into everyday life.

When we’ve run similar sessions in the past, participants (and Session Leaders!) have really enjoyed the weekly check-ins which help us give more focus to things that are meaningful to us eg healthier habits, personal development, finding a volunteering role or a new hobby/interest/passion project. We can even help you make some headway with any decluttering plans. You name it, we’ll help you find a way forward that’s achievable and confidence-boosting.

Cleveley Crescent Allotments, 1 Cleveley Cres, London W5 1DZ , UK

Contact Information

Phone: 07720092954

Contact Name: Lucy Clark



How you can help

Help us with our allotment site makeover – no skills required, you’ll be learning on the job! Garden DIY – building raised beds, growing frames, maybe even a gazebo! Garden maintenance – weeding, clearing, hedge cutting, wood chipping.

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