Radbourne Nature Walk Resurfacing

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Project Date(s): March 2018 to March 2019

The well-used, well-liked public footpath named ‘The Radbourne Walk, W13’ is in desperate need of resurfacing.  It has become uneven and muddy, and during very wet weather develops large puddles making it almost impassable.

A self-binding gravel surface would be ideal, similar to that used in Blondin and Elthorne Park. This surface would be in keeping with the country-like nature of the Walk and is maintainable by volunteers.

An initial estimate is that the resurfacing would cost around £27,000 capital (inc. VAT).  

The resurfacing would form part of a larger, local resident volunteer-led effort to transform and re-brand the Walk as a safe, welcoming ‘nature trail’.  This effort started as a result of the drug related problems experienced by the St John’s and Forester’s areas during summer 2017.  The problems made many people afraid to use the Walk, particularly those with children.  Attracting the general public’s use of The Walk back up to, or above, previous levels, and making the Walk looked ‘more loved’, would help deter ASB.

A number of individual local residents have already indicated that they would support this use of their ward level budget, both for the resurfacing given its longer-term contribution to local amenity value and as part of the wider St Johns/Foresters area ASB reduction initiatives (with their related costs).  

We will approach our local Walpole Ward Forum for a contribution to the overall costs, please show your support by contacting our local Ward Councillors’ or alternatively make a donation.

Radbourne Walk, W13

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We are seeking to raise funds to resurface this public footpath that connects Mattock Lane with Occupation Road.

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