Knitting hats and scarves for Asylum-seekers’ children

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Hat/scarf/gloves/mitts would be particularly welcome!

We help run a drop-in centre for Asylum-seeker families in central London. It happens once a month and we get about 70 families attending each month.

We offer hot food, a place for the children to play, a food voucher, rice, milk, toiletries and a range of second hand (donated) clothes.

But a couple of years ago we noticed that no-one donates childrens’ hats, scarves or gloves – maybe because kids lose them rather than grow out of them.

I can’t knit but my husband’s 88-year-old, housebound Auntie Essie can. So I supply the wool (mostly donated) and she knits. But we have LOTS of babies and children now attending and really we need more wool and more knitters.

We hope to distribute the hats etc at the drop in centre.

Would anyone like to help? I could come and collect the results (I can’t knit but I can co-ordinate and drive!)

We also need WOOL – double-knit and not dark colours please. Again, I can pick up if required.

There is no location information to show yet.

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I need people who would like to donate wool and/or knit some hats/scarves/gloves/mittens.  

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