Head Teacher Thinks Green

The head teacher of Villiers High School, Remo Ilafrate, was keen to give something back to the local community and improve the school’s reputation with the neighbours.

Remo planned to give his pupils a real taste of hard work by setting them a task which would give back to the community and teach them about the environment – So he got 100 young people to volunteer and got them working with the community champions to come up with a project that would do both.

The team worked closely with the Tree Council who supplied fruit trees and bushes to plant along the school boundary, which the children would have to help the caretakers look after in the long run. They planned to share any fruits grown with the school’s neighbours to help build better relations with them.

As part of the project, the children have been learning lots about being more ‘green’. They will be working with local primary schools to help younger children learn about recycling and the environment.

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