Welshore Community Hub

Welshore Community Hub

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The Welshore Community Hub was founded in 2010 by residents of Catalyst Housing Limited in West Ealing for community engagement of their residents; this Hub is run by residents who are all volunteers. We provide information, services, recreational clubs and venue hire.

Our aims are to increase networking between formerly isolated groups, to promote values of equity, inclusiveness, participation co-operation, and to support and develop residents groups, thereby empowering residents and resident groups to influence and transform public policies and services, and all factors affecting the conditions of their lives.

Welshore is a registered charity and not for profit company and over the years the charity has extended it’s services welcoming residents from other housing providers across the Borough of Ealing to engage in social activities fostering inclusiveness, participation among the ethnically diverse backgrounds of the locals, and to assist with resolving legal and administrative issues.

  • Phone Number:07485551919
  • Contact NameChristina Tom-Johnson
  • Role/PositionOperational Director

Greenford Methodist Church, Greenford, UK

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