Ealing Repair Cafe: Clothes

Ealing Repair Cafe: Clothes

This information was last updated on: 23/02/2024

Ealing Repair café encourages the mending of clothes and textiles. Come along to one of our sessions listed under Whats on with your clothes mending pile and problem mends to our regular gatherings around Ealing and Acton to get advice, lessons and guidance to mend your clothes. All levels of sewing welcome, from beginners to advance, there’s always something new to share or learn. Our volunteers will be on hand to teach you on how to repair your clothes. You can pick up one of our darning and patching guides. We ask for a small donation to cover costs and equipment, a suggested donation of £3 per session, so please contribute to our Collectiv online or at our sessions.

We bring along our sewing machines to some sessions that you can use for suitable mends. If you are looking for sewing machine lessons, we recommend these local lessons.

We want more people mending, valuing and wearing their clothes for longer and to move away from fast disposable fashion and make the world a sustainable happy place to live in.

The Doughnut Factory 10 Warple Mews, Warple Way, London W3 0RF, UK

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