Came Women and Girls Development Organisation

Came Women and Girls Development Organisation

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CAWOGIDO focus on BAME Women’s health, mental health and social care to address the lack of access to services or promote preventive health services by BAME women in Ealing.
Our mission: is to facilitate and sustain improvements in BAME women’s health, mental health and social care services in Ealing through data collection/analysis, policy development, access and use of services, education, sign posting and advocacy to prevent need for care and support.
Our long-term goals: are to serve as a central voice and promote a cohesive policy agenda for BAME women’s health and social care in Ealing. Protect women and girls against trafficking and sexual exploitation.
Education counselling and promoting young people’s sexual health and fighting against trafficking and sexual exploitation of young girls.
Promote health and rights of women and girls from breast ironing with our communities. Promote good health practices and effective health development activities for BAME women and the efficient application of resources for charitable purposes for the benefit of wome. Develop women’s physical, mental and financial capacities with particular emphasis on poverty alleviation through yearly trainings and supporting and strengthening their skills
Collaboration with mainstream women’s organisations and partnerships
Promote women’s and girl’s sexual and reproductive health through education, advocacy and capacity building
We conduct specialized training programs such as training for refugees and asylum seeking women, women’s participation in community development, health sensitisation and promotion, Training of Trainers (TOT), Attitude and Behaviours change, Participatory and specialized workshops for NGO leaders and capacity building for organisations and members
Plan and implement project activities for the Elderly running a centre on weekly basis
Collaboration with local authorities Ealing CVS
1. Empowerment of vulnerable women & girls; prevention of GBV and business
2. Advocacy and sign posting
3. Build capacity of beneficiaries enterprise
4. Public education, Training, Mentoring and leadership opportunities
5. Support services: Home visits/home care
6. Health and social care services
7. Internships and volunteering opportunities
8. Collection and distribution of food and essential needs from Inkind direct

ICG HOUSE, Greenford Business Centre, Station Approach, Oldfield Lane North, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 0AL

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