Safer Neighbourhood Police Ward Panels

Promoting the safety of your local area is a valuable role to be had; you can reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by working with your neighbours and the local police.

If you want to become involved with helping your local police team set their priorities, you could join the local Safer Neighbourhood Police Ward Panel. By providing local intelligence to the panel your views could help decide how resources are deployed.

Managed by the local sergeant, the panel meets three times a year. Each meeting includes a rundown of local crime statistics and information on recent incidents including anti-social behaviour. Helpful tips on personal safety, target hardening your home and personal property is always on the agenda. It will give you an opportunity to meet other like-minded residents with which you can share information with. As a member of a Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel, you can help to alert your neighbours about emergencies and incidents, along with taking an active role in handing out advice about promoting safety.

To take part, contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, or the councils Safer Community Team by dialling 020 8825 5994 or emailing them at