Raving About Fruit

More than 40 tree wardens pulled on their welly boots and rain coats to help plant fruit and berry bushes in Ravenor Park helping people living in Greenford to eat fresh fruit for free.

Led by the park rangers and community champions, the volunteers planted the fruit hedges to compliment the orchard that has been there since 2011.

Hundreds of fruit plants, including gooseberry, wild plum and blackberry and raspberry bushes were added to the orchard. The project aims to encourage local people to pick the fruit and enjoy fresh seasonal produce grown on their doorstep.

The volunteers battled on through cold, wet weather to get the plants in the ground and were really pleased with the results.

All of the fruit plants were donated for free by the Tree Council as part of their ‘Hedgerow Harvest’ project.

The project is not a new idea – it’s just a pretty tasty one. 

To find out more or to set up something similar in your area – check out the Hedgerow Harvest website