Midsummer Meadows: A Week Of Activities

Midsummer Meadows invited residents of Hobbayne, Elthorne and Norwood Green wards, as supported by their Councillors, along to a week of free activities celebrating the local meadows and canal. This great summer project, accredit to Future Focus Foundation and Ealing Park Rangers, was for many a first in getting to use this beautiful outdoor space despite some living a short walk from the Hanwell meadow.

Activities ranged from canoeing, forest school, art school, and games/reading by sheep, fishing, and picnic by sheep, Dr. Bike (bike check), Gunnersbury Museum Brunel Bridge building task, canal cycle, and The Hanwell Hobble 5K walk and camping overnight.

Lucy, a local mum told us about her best bits and her overall experience of midsummer meadows.

“The week was absolutely fantastic, really great fun. I really enjoyed the chill out area. My 6 year old daughter Astrid especially loved the Forest School! She got to use a saw to cut wood, which she was really excited about. The hidden gem in the wood was great fun and very creative.  I think it’s an amazing thing that we got to utilise our local area in a way we don’t usually get to.”

Lucy was asked if she would like to see more of projects and activities like midsummer meadows where she lives, her response was, “Yes, there’s a real need for activities like midsummer meadows that younger children can get involved in. I’d love to see mini events for young babies and children.”

We also got speak to Gabriella, here’s what she had to say about the project,

“Midsummer Meadows was a fantastic event. My 4 year old absolutely loved every minute of it, we went every day. He was so inspired by everything and to have all of this on our door step is just amazing. He even persevered through the Hanwell Hobble 5K walk, despite it raining. His favourite thing was the forest school and he loved the mini beast safari. We’ve had to go out and buy him bug collecting equipment; he’s picked up so much!”

Midsummer Meadows was a massive hit with all those that took part. It really shows just how great it can be when local people come together and enjoy the real gems in greenspaces they have available to them.

Future Focus Foundation inspired local residents to get involved and do something fun whilst opening up residents eyes to what was right on their door step all along.

"Midsummer Meadows was a fantastic event. My 4 year old absolutely loved every minute of it, we went every day." - Gabriella