Horsenden Grape and Honey Farm

We aim to create a vineyard in Ealing with Apiaries.

Our intention is to have a dedicated educational room which schools, scouts and local community will have access to.  Through crowdfunding we have raised over £35,000 and will receive further funds from the Ministry of Housing to create a Pocket Park in the adjacent areas, as well as further funding from North Greenford and Greenford Green ward forums to achieve an even higher standard project than we had first expected to achieve.

This is a four-year project, which is now in its second year and we have already achieved unexpected progress towards our goal. If you join in our project, you will be joining in something amazing, bringing energy into an already green Borough but also engaging all age groups and nationalities as well as increasing the educational facilities for our children. 

If you join in our project you will be joining in something amazing!