From Dirt to Dinner

A team of nursery staff on the Golf Links Estate in Greenford set their minds to helping children learn about where food comes from.

With help from the community champions and a local father and his power tools, they cleaned up un-loved wooden troughs and filled them with compost ready for planting. Supervised by some of the parents, the children got to get their hands dirty planting lots of vegetables, fruits and herbs which were bought with a £300 grant from the council’s community greening fund.

The children have been hands-on ever since and have been able to take some food home to share with their families. A photo display on the nursery wall, showing the children gardening and enjoying themselves has helped the nursery staff encourage parents to think about how they could use their balconies and windowsills to grow fresh food at home.

Kelly, the nursery manager, said: “The children have observed and participated in the circle of life. Children as young as two and three have been growing food and flowers and have painted pictures which we have displayed in the nursery. It’s given the area a real sense of community.”  

  "Children as young as two and three have been growing food and flowers. It has given the area a real sense of community. " - Kelly, nursery manager