TYS2 Creating Katherine Buchan Meadow

19 November 2015 to 30 April 2016


Essentially the green is a busy, bustling, chattering passing through space; locals striding off to work and home again, teachers and children noisily hurrying to and from school, local dogs out to stretch their legs, it has a daily rhythm and purpose BUT it has become a sadly neglected space; the timber retaining wall is breaking down, the litter bin gone, the boundary fence is shoddy and bare, the shrubs removed and never replaced. Those that are left contribute nothing, behind the large laurel hedge you can't be seen sitting on the broken benches but the evidence is there left behind on the ground or thrown into the overgrown shrub.

However, this could be a beautiful open light airy space enhancing the experience of all who are passing through and live nearby whilst introducing and encouraging a diversity of wildlife. Creating a truly communal space connecting the local community and St Marks Primary school through the research, development and stewardship of the green.

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