TYS2 Brent River Park reinvigoration

19 November 2015 to 1 April 2016


The project will directly benefit 8 Ealing wards, recreating a continuous and integrated 8 mile set of paths with information boards encouraging people to experience new areas by healthy means, linking parts of Ealing and London, and helping people get closer to and understand the wildlife and plants in a river environment.

Over the years this infrastructure has been weathered and worn so it needs some renewal and improvement and updating. A few additional information boards are needed but mostly the posts and way markers need renewing.

With the funding, supported by the Brent River and Canal Society and existing volunteering contacts, the project will work within the local community to define new information boards and update the infrastructure for the benefit of future users of the BRP for many years to come.

Ideas for information board locations:

  • Near to Bunny Park, Wharncliffe Viaduct paths
  • Entrance to Jubilee Meadow to include Long Wood
  • Greenford Bridge area.

How you can help

Finance & fundraising

If you want to back this project, support or crowdfunding campaign.