Horticulture Project/Green Space Scheme

25 April 2016 to 1 April 2017


Ealing Council has agreed to hand over an unused piece of land, Cheyne Path in Copley 

This project will involve working with residents to agree and design the space. We will support the residents to create a communal green space that is both creative and challenging and allows natural wildlife and exploration by young people and other residents.

The aim is to improve the environment and it will engage the community in activities in the area that promote healthy living, improve relationships, and reduce isolation. In doing so, we believe this will have an impact on the whole community. 


Commitment: A couple of hours a week. The role is causal work with flexible hours. 

Activities :
Gardening - weeding, planting, bagging up compost, tending to plants, digging, clipping etc
Litter picking
Food and herbs picking and distributing 
Wormery/ bug hotel/ hedgehog house etc
Fixing bat/bird boxes on trees
Helping install the shelter and the log benches etc

We are looking for people who can commit to support their local project, they will be supported by Cultivate London Apprentices and staff. We would like people who would like to become representatives of the project and create a committee to ensure the development and maintenance of the community space. This would mean a commitment of 4 meetings (2hrs) a year, encouraging other people to get involved in the horticulture project and taking a lead in their local area.