East Acton Town Team

23 September 2015


The vision of the East Acton Town Team is to make East Acton ward a place that people want to use, live, work, visit, enjoy and return to and where businesses can thrive in an attractive and distinctive environment. 

The Town Team is a partnership of businesses, residents, community groups, public sector organisations, council officers and anyone with an interest in East Acton. The team is set up to deliver projects and activities in East Acton and will continue the momentum built by the East Acton Local Strategic Partnership.

The team is building a communication network in East Acton to improve the working relationship between businesses, residents, community groups and the council, and we would like to support the delivery of the big and small projects through a champion's fund. To view the East Acton Champions fund, please click here

If you would like to become a member of the Town Team or participate in specified task group on Business and the Economy or on Environment and Transport then apply by completing Town Team membership form at the bottom of the page.