Don’t Waste Organics – Compost

30 April 2016 to 31 July 2016


This project is to rebuild the compost area in the community garden in Westcott Park estate. This would be a good opportunity to introduce the local community to an environmentally friendly way of reducing their personal organic waste, via home composting.

The project would consist of a two day workshop and communication and raising awareness.

On day one workshop would involve a demonstration and participation in how to build your own composting area from recycled materials, such as wooden pallets. Following on from this on day two the session would deal with how to effectively compost organic household and garden waste.

The group will deliver a communications campaign amongst residents of the Westcott Park estate to encourage food waste recycling and participation in other green and/or garden activities. This will include regular communication via e-newsletters, social media and face to face communication. Households will be offered a caddy to take the organic waste to the garden.

The project will increase the opportunities for local people to participate in green activities and extend it to their own day to day lives.

Training and Management Volunteer - practical skills