Art for change

5 April 2018 to 28 March 2019


Working with young people aged 13-19 who do not engage in arts through:

  • daytime therapeutic/educational arts sessions for young people not engaging in
  • education, victims of CSE, young offenders, young people with additional needs art
  • sessions for young people in an area of multiple deprivation

In order to: support young people with issues in their lives and exploring ways forward through the arts encourage young people to express themselves through the arts

Resulting in: multiple projects & two exhibitions showcasing young people's work that explores their place in the world through multiple art forms.

We aim to:

• support young people in need of additional support to explore the arts to express themselves and as a basis of learning create an inclusive artistic space where all young people cap experiment with

different art forms and use them to explore issues in their lives, local community and the world.

How you can help

Finance & fundraising

We are looking to fund this for a second year, as the first year has been very successful, exceeding expectations.