Alleyway Allenby School Mural

26 January 2019 to 31 May 2019


Painting art murals along the wall to spruce up the area. Alleyway Allenby Primary School and Lovell Rd. I am an artist and would be happy to do animals to provide fun and thought provoking aspect of the area. Where we are seen as a diverse and inclusive society and we encourage learning about for all, carers guardians and parents and children and  those suffering with disabilities. 

This is to ensure we are making a difference to the area, making it a better place, and adding value by sharing gifts and talents making a positive contributions to Dormers Wells and then we can expand to other parts of the area. 

First I would appreciate if we can get the go ahead and we will I need your help! And have a conversation about recommendations for estimates. The following outdoor art paint paintbrushes and if you know of other projects and what we could share as best practice and benchmark.

How you can help

Finance & fundraising Research Tools & equipment Volunteer - practical skills

We are looking for planners to fine detail how we could move forward.