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Ward Forum Fund

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Led by ward councilors, the 23 forums feature joint problem solving in partnership with community groups, council services and residents. Each ward has a priority plan, made up of issues that are either perennial or have a significant impact on the quality of life for people who live in that ward. Priorities can range from addressing social isolation affecting the elderly, building 'Friends Groups' for parks to help better manager green spaces, finding creative ways to tackle fly tipping and litter to looking at how to improve transport amenities.

With an annual budget of £20,000, each forum combines the collective local knowledge of residents and ward councilors to find holistic solutions to the wards priority plan.  


Ward funds are available for local improvement projects within the London Borough of Ealing. Community groups will be required to provide a copy of their constitution and most recent financial statement.

The Leader of the Council has the final decision on agreeing a ward budget, before any funds can be made available.