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Transform Your Space - Young People's Fund

Finance & Fundraising


Ealing Council has set aside £10,000 of their Transform Your Space Fund especially for young people to apply.

This Transform Your Space Young People’s Fund (TYS-YPF) offers up to 80% match-funding, up to £1,000, towards your project.

To apply you must be between 16-24 years.

We encourage applications from groups of young people.

If you wish to apply as an individual this will be capped at £500.

General Criteria

We will consider your project providing:

1.The location(s) is (are) in the London Borough of Ealing.

2. It transforms a public space, whether outdoor or indoor, to become a safe and vibrant place that can be used by young people or a mix of young people and adults; and shows how you are working with others in the community

What will we be looking for?

Your project creates a safe space for young people to be in.

A few ideas might be

- Groups of young people decorating pavements with street art
- A team designing a digital treasure hunt to explore points of interest about a place
- An event in a park or a pop-up street performance
- Brightening up a disused or neglected space with plants or sculptures
- Upcycling to re-use unwanted items creatively

Your project shows that you engage other people too.

For example

- Getting support and involvement with people you know
- Asking someone you respect/admire to help you with your project because they are good at:

Filling in forms
Digital media
Taking photos or videos
Finding a meeting place
Getting other people along
Talking about your project
Creating art
Making music

- Sharing the project with your family, your neighbours, your school, college, university, youth club or interest group so they can tell others about it and help promote it
- Offering opportunities for people to offer their time to lend a helping hand or volunteer.

You have a plan for your project (see paragraph 5 for what this should include).

3. Eligible Applications

You can provide us the information on your project in one of the following ways:

•             a 2 mins video that you send to

•             Completing a Transform Your Space – Young People’s Fund form that you can download from and sending it to

•             running a crowdfunding campaign on Ealing Connects

4. Community Support

You must show that you have support and engagement with people in your local area via any of these channels by 16 February 2020:

At least 20 individual (this means that if one person pledges, likes and follows the crowdfunding campaign that will only count once) campaign pledges, follows, likes or comments on your crowdfunding campaign (with no less than 10 pledges) on Ealing Connects or other crowdfunding platform, or
A link on to your social media campaign such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, with at least 20 people with comments of support or improvements, or
A public petition or survey with at least 20 different people taking part or responding.

5. Project Plan

Your project plan must cover these 10 points (your checklist):

5.1 Vision

Show what the place looks like now – photos or pictures are good for this - what you want to change, and what difference you hope to make, who is likely to benefit and how.

To show how these people would benefit, think if your project does any of these:

Helps Ealing have the smallest environmental footprint possible
Helps the economy grow by creating jobs & opportunities for residents to reduce poverty and increase incomes
Helps create strong community that promotes diversity with inequality and discrimination reduced
Helps the borough feel safe and clean where people want to live
Helps people be physically and mentally healthy, active and independent
Helps children and young people to grow up safe from harm and fulfil their potential

5.2 Land Permissions

Do you have permission to use the space? Take a look at landownership to find how to go about this.

5.3 Communications Plan

Have a list of people, with their contact details, that you will tell about your project. This should include people who will benefit from your project.

5.4 Project Tasks

Have a list of things that need to be done and when they need to be done by.

5.5 Budget Plan

Have a list with the costs of what you will need.

5.6 Fundraising Plan

Have ideas of how you will raise the additional funds you need to deliver your project  e.g. hold a pizza party/a cake bake, crowdfund and ask others for their ideas.

5.7 Sponsor/Referees

Have an adult project sponsor.

If you are applying as an individual, have two adult referees who can vouch they know you and believe you are responsible and trustworthy – they cannot be related to you but could be someone from school or college, a youth worker or a faith worker for example.

These adults will help you to think about

what might go wrong and who would be harmed?
what could be done to stop this from happening?
if it happened what would need to be done, and who would do it?

5.8 Project Progress

How you will show us your progress with your project e.g. a video-blog, testimonies from people who are helping, a presentation with photos, a monthly update monitoring form that shows the numbers of new volunteers/helpers and participants, including those aged 16-24 years, an occasional site visit from an officer or Councillor

5.9 Project Impact and Evaluation

Make a promise  to show us what you have delivered and what you have learned

5.10 Name and Contact details

Have your name and contact details, the name of your group and the names of others in your group.


October 2019 - Launch 

Tuesday 26 November 2019 10am-1pm
in St Andrew's Church Centre, Mount Park Road, London, W5 2RS - Funders Fair hosted by Ealing CVS 

Project Ideas workshop with Young Ealing Foundation - date, time and venue to be confirmed

from November 2019 - January 2020.
Details to be confirmed - A series of development workshops/support

Monday 27 January 2020 (extended from 13 January) - Deadline for projects to be uploaded on Ealing Connects (for verification)

Sunday 16 February 2020 - Deadline for projects to be on DSG or 2-min video to be sent to

from 2 March 2020 - Results announced

end of May 2020 - All funds secured

from beginning of June 2020 - Transform Your Space - Young People's Fund projects will start