What is Greenredeem?

Area of expertise: Finance & Fundraising
Type: Guide

Greenredeem Community Programme

Greenredeem works with Ealing Council to offer rewards to residents for recycling.  Greenredeem has allocated £5,000 to support sustainable projects within your community. They are creating a league table of projects that

•           Use innovative ways to communicate environmental issues in communities.

•           Create new ways of thinking and behaving in an environmentally friendly way

•           Empower people to be advocates for a sustainable environment in their own communities.

•           Encourage partnerships between local residents and their community.

•           Embrace diversity and build links among people of diverse ethnic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds.


The projects that will receive the funds will be decided by Ealing residents who donate their Greenredeem points to the community.

From 1 July 2016 the project at the top of the league will receive

First place £1,500

Second place £750

Third place £500

There will be other projects that receive £250.

Greenredeem is inviting applications until 4 December. If your project is successful it will be placed in the league table on the Greenredeem site from 1 January 2016.

When making your application please bear in mind Greenredeem will not fund

•           Fundraising events, event sponsorships and/or the purchase of tables at events

•           Solo adventure travel (such as Outward Bound, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, etc…)

•           Scholarships or fellowship schemes

•           Grants to individuals except in exceptional circumstances

•           Political campaigns or organisations

•           Projects that are non-inclusive

•           The sole production of any marketing materials (T-shirts, posters, flyers)

•           Production of materials (books, software) for later sale

Encourage your neighbours to join up to Greenredeem. They can earn points and then choose to spend points on rewards, win prizes or donate the points they’ve earned to local good causes, like yours.

By joining Greenredeem they’ll be contributing towards increasing recycling in Ealing to 50% by 2018,

To find out more information please contact info@greenredeem.co.uk