Healthwatch Ealing

6 November 2015 to 31 December 2020
Location: Martin House, 1 Swift Road, UB2 4RP
Town: Southall
Theme: Community spaces, Events, Safety and wellbeing, Young people

About this project

Who are we?

Healthwatch Ealing is the new independent consumer champion created to gather and represent the views of the public In Ealing. Healthwatch will play a role at national, regional and local level and will make sure that the views of the public and people who use services are taken into account. Whether its improving them today of helping to shape them for tomorrow.

We are part of YOUR community and we're answerable to you. We aim to reach out to everyone in our community.

Healthwatch Ealing is a free membership based charity open to everyone who lives or uses health and social care services in Ealing.

What we do?

Our starting point will always be real people - their experience, needs and wants.  We will base our work in solid evidence and intelligent analysis.

We will work with emerging Individuals and Organisations including charities to help build a local, regional and National picture of the trends and issues that matter most to the people.

We make these views and experiences known to decisions makers, local stakeholders, Healthwatch England and the Care Quality Commission.

We promote and support the involvement of people in the monitoring, commissioning and provision of local services.

We provide information to help people access and make informed choices about services.

How we work?

We understand there are already many excellent national and local organisations that represent consumer experiences and views.

We do not seek to re-invent the wheel, and will build on what works. We want to work co-operatively so that the best interests of people who use services are met.

However, we will not just rely on what has gone before – we want to help develop new ways of engaging and informing people, especially those who sometimes struggle to be heard.

Becoming a member

We need everyone to be involved so we can understand the issues that affect everyone in our community and help to make a difference.

We need YOU to join us, registering with us means:

  • You are kept up to date on issues relating to health and social care services in Ealing and the Work of Healthwatch Ealing
  • You are able to give your views and influence the priorities  of Healthwatch Ealing
  • You can take an active role in reviewing the quality of services and individuals experiences.
  • You can help shape local services for the future

Why become a member?

There are a number of benefits to becoming a member of Healthwatch Ealing

  • Help us get attention for neglected issues or ideas
  • Help influence those who make decisions about and fund health and social care services.
  • Help our services provide better care
  • Help our local community to speak with a stronger voice
  • Have access to free training and events
  • Meet your local community
  • Keep up to date with what happening to your local services.


How you can help

As a member of the public, you have a right to be involved in discussions and decisions about your health and social care services. By sharing your experiences and ideas with Healthwatch Ealing, you can influence the way services are run.

For Healthwatch Ealing to be successful in its ambition and responsibilities it needs YOU to be actively involved. By getting involved through Healthwatch you can contribute to shaping and improving services in Ealing at a time of tremendous change.

Why Volunteer with us?

Your views are vital to the way Healthwatch Ealing operates. Your opinions and ideas will be taken seriously, and will help to bring about positive change in the way local services are run.

Healthwatch Ealing is a platform to share your experiences of health and social care services and suggest improvements for those services. If there is a specific issue relating to local services that you, along with the community, feel need addressing, we will look into this.

What volunteers do?

There are different ways to participate and communicate your thoughts about the issues that matter to you, but anyone who wants to ensure that local services meet the needs of their community can and should get involved. For example, you could:

  • Take a few minutes to answer a survey.
  • Attend a periodic Work Group meeting on an issue that interests you.
  • Get involved in an online group
  • Become an authorised representative who visits services to see how they are run
  • Or by simply sending us your views by freepost or calling the freephone number

Any of these activities will allow you to:

  • Suggest ideas for improving services, such as extending opening hours at a health centre during the week to suit people who work.
  • Monitor local service providers.
  • Look into specific issues of concern.

Who volunteers?

Anyone can join the Healthwatch Ealing! As long as you live in the Borough or use local health and/or social care services here in Ealing. This includes individuals, carers, service users, community leaders, patient representatives, local groups and organisations such as charities, faith groups, resident associations, youth councils, business federations and voluntary organisation.

Everyone’s views matters. Anyone who wants to make sure the needs of their community are listened to.


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Contact information

Address:        Healthwatch Ealing, Lido Centre  63 Mattock Lane West Ealing 
                     London W13 9LA United Kingdom
Freepost:       Freepost Plus RTEG-SSYK-YHSL, Lido Centre  63 Mattock Lane 
                      West Ealing London W13 9LA United Kingdom
Phone:          0208 280 2276 | Freephone: 0800 652 7200 |