Looking For Ideas?

Looking for ideas or inspiration for your project? 

Our case studies give some great examples of successful community projects that have already helped to make better neighbourhoods, some big and some small. You can see what has worked elsewhere, pick up some top tips for your project or identify other people that you might want to get in touch with.

Remember that these are just examples and projects that work in one place might need to be changed to work in others.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative and upload your own project

  • A champion visit and outreach work ‘hooks’ boxing fans

    A boxing champion helped to unveil a new home for a successful amateur boxing club. It was a real community effort because it was opened with the help of local volunteers and organisations.

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  • Acton junior parkrun - powered by people

    Acton’s junior parkrun takes place every Sunday. It now has on average 60 four to 14 year-olds...

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  • Arden Road Oasis

    After transforming a disused area of land - locally described as deserted - into a community oasis...

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  • Children gardening

    Arts & Flowers

    When local people decided they wanted to clear-up and clear-out Coston’s alleyway in Greenford they did not hold back.

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  • Bringing Puppets To Life

    The Bubble Springtime Community Fund supported some fantastic projects that helped make a real difference to the local community and ultimately, to people's lives. One of our personal favourites has to be IMPACT’s creation of a life-sized puppet horse!

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  • Community Gardening

    Acton Green Community Herb Garden was the idea of resident and parent Anna Marie Yassin. It was...

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  • Tessa Sanderson Garden

    Clearing The Way

    Moving to a new area is not always easy but Egor and Elena took a creative approach to get to know their neighbours better.

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  • Front Garden flowers Image

    Front Garden Fun

    A group of residents who had always taken an interest in where they lived and worked hard to improve the area faced a challenge when rats and rubbish became an issue on the East Acton Golf Links Estate.

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  • Greening Areas that have suffered from fly-tipping

    Overgrown pocket parks, traffic islands and tree pits are some of the sites that have been ‘greened...

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  • Hanwell hootie thumbnail image

    Hanwell Hootie

    The Hanwell Association of Traders were so proud of where they lived and its links with the legendary Jim Marshall, of Marshall Amplifiers, that they came together and decided to put on the Hanwell Hootie, a free music festival for the whole community.

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  • Children planting a tree

    Head Teacher Thinks Green

    The head teacher of Villiers High School, Remo Ilafrate, was keen to give something back to the local community and improve the school’s reputation with the neighbours.

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  • Learning Through Play

    Tamsyn Kent, mother and resident of Hanwell, wanted her children to have the freedom to play safely outside their home.

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  • The hut and forest school

    The renovation of the Acton 14th Scout Hut was a volunteer-led, council-supported project that...

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  • The Making of a Community………

    Fun, fun, fun at Golflinks Estate, Southall This time last year the Golflinks Estate in Southall...

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  • Radbourne walk image

    Walk This Way

    When a group of keen gardeners saw a path next to their allotments becoming overgrown, unloved and misused, they decided to do something about it.

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