Helping neighbours and friends

If you want to make a difference to the lives of residents who need it the most there are many ways you can help. From keeping our young and most vulnerable residents safe by considering becoming a foster carer or by thinking about being a ‘shared lives’ carer’ – looking after or spending regular time with an adult who needs extra help.

If you’re passionate about improving the lives of young people you could choose to mentor a young person, become a school governor or help local families with parenting skills.

Some people, such as elderly neighbours just need some extra help from time to time – a cup of tea, a cooked meal or help with fixing something. If you think that you could help then you can sign up here.

All of us can do something good by donating unwanted furniture to local families in need rather than just throwing it away, and if you are a landlord why not consider renting your property through the council.

Ways in which you can help

Become a foster carer

Become a shared lives carer

Mentor a young person

Become a school governor

Help local families with parenting skills

Donate your unwanted furniture

Rent your property through the council

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  • Neighbourhood Watch

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  • Other School Networks

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