Communicate your idea or event 

  • Facebook & Twitter

    Resource Type: Top tips

    Here you can find out the basics about setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account and how these different types of social media can be used to help tell other people about your project idea.

  • Leaflets & Posters

    Resource Type: Top tips

    Leaflets and posters can be a simple and effective way of telling people about your idea and getting them involved. They don't have to be expensive and can be particularly useful when targeting an area like your street where you may not know everyone to be able to contact them directly. We've put together some top tips for making leaflets and posters effective and some ideas for getting them done cheaply.  

  • Promoting Your Project

    Resource Type: Top tips

    With so many channels out there now, from the more traditional local newspapers and posters in shop windows to social media and online forums, there is quite a lot to think about.

    It can be a big challenge, but you don’t have to worry...

  • Local Newspapers

    Resource Type: Top tips

    Getting coverage in a local newspaper can be difficult but here you can find some some advice about pitching a story about your project.  

    We've included contact details for the local printed newspaper and also for the local news websites. Local news websites can be particularly useful for smaller scale local projects because the content is being changed regularly.