Finance & Fundraising

Tools for successful funding

  • What is Greenredeem?

    Resource Type: Guide

    Greenredeem Community Programme

    Greenredeem works with Ealing Council to offer rewards to residents for recycling.  Greenredeem has allocated £5,000 to support sustainable projects within your community. They are creating...

  • What is Funding?

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    Without the funds (money) to pay for your project, it will remain just a good idea. Even with all the best intentions, sometimes great projects, community groups and even businesses fail because of a lack of financial support to get the idea off...

  • What is Crowdfunding?

    Resource Type: FAQ

    Crowdfunding is how you could raise money for your project from a large number of people all putting in relatively small amounts of money.

  • What Ward Forums Can Do For You

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    Each of our borough’s 23 wards is represented by 3 councillors. Each ward currently has a meeting at least two times a year where councillors and residents can get together to talk about things happening in your area. 

    Some people may...