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The programme we are asking you to financially support is based around social enterprise, we want to purchase a coffee van. We want to create Barista Training Programme for vulnerable young people and adults that includes work experience.  90% of  adults with autism are unemployed, we want to address this by creating practical training and work experience programmes to support vulnerable adults to have a better quality of life and feel socially included.  

Once trained by staff who are already competent and have completed Barista training themselves will go into community with the van and make coffee for its stake holders.  We already have a corporate event wanting their barista service. 

Coffee sales will enable the programme to be sustainable. 

There would be multiple work experience roles, these would include money management, admin, making caking/cookies to sell from the van, plus smoothies either pre - made and bottled or in some venues with our smoothie bike.  Staff would support at all times.

The van identified is ready to go, it has a barista machine and fridge built in.  

We have already been selling street food and making smoothies using our smoothie bike in local carnivals and and events, we have cleared a profit of £850.00.  We would use this to go towards our van.  We are asking for £5000.00, we need another £4600.00 to buy the fully converted vehicle and £400 to buy start up resources.  Our young adults have also been learning how to make other items that they could sell on the van such as snacks, they will offer vegan options in both coffee and snacks.

Our programme will not only support young adults in gaining transferable life skills but also help them build and maintain positive peer relationships while using their time positively, outcomes will include an increase in their social skills, self awareness and self esteem while increasing their aspirations.  All these factors will have a positive impact on their emotional well being.

Our organisation is one of the partners in the Blondin Consortium, we have a joint vision in developing the space.  

Income from the Coffee Van would support our crowd funding which is raising funds for the Blondin Pavilion.  




It would be worth trying Freshwater Foundation, they are a locally based funding groups which give financial grants to groups in Ealing and Hounslow to fund their charitable projects and initiatives. You can find them at


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