Tudor Trust

Application date(s): Ongoing
Type of fund: Grant
Funder's website: Tudor trust

What they offer

The Tudor Trust is an independent charitable trust which supports work which tries to meet the many different needs of people at the margins of our society.We particularly want to help smaller, community-led organisations that work directly with people who are at the margins of society.


Grants are offered to those that meet the following:

Display positive organisational characteristics

◾Encourage and develop positive social connections and relationships
◾Are embedded in their community and can identify and channel the potential within that community
◾Have vision, energy and commitment and are reflective and open to change
◾Want to make a step change in the way they work, but need support to do this
◾Listen to and are responsive to their users and give users a voice
◾Offer longer-term engagement and support
◾Make good use of the resources they have

Address marginalisation

◾Engage with a marginalised community or engage with a particularly marginalised group of people or ‘community of interest’
◾Provide direct support to individuals who are in real need
◾Are rooted in overlooked and neglected areas where funding is hard to come by
◾Affect the lives of marginalised people and communities in a positive way

Make a difference

◾Generate a ripple effect – a wider impact beyond the immediate beneficiaries of the work
◾Display new thinking or demonstrate best practice: offer an exemplar others can learn from
◾Are interested in reflecting on their work and are generous in sharing their findings with others
There are a number of exlusions to this fund, please view the tudor trust website for full list. http://tudortrust.org.uk/


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