Transform Your Space 3

Application date(s): June 2017 - 20 August 2017
Type of fund: Crowdfunding
Funder's website: Ealing Hive (on

What they offer

The council’s third Transform Your Space project has a pot of £250,000 to help change neglected or derelict spaces into places for the whole community to enjoy.

Take a look at some of the previous Transform Your Space projects in Around Ealing, and Ealing News Extra.  There are also lots of other projects in our Looking for Ideas section.

To get you started we have some handy Help and Advice, including tips on crowdfunding.

Key Dates:

Sunday 6 August  – Deadline for having quotes, proof of landowner’s permission, and milestones on Spacehive

Sunday 20 August – Deadline for your Ealing TYS3 crowdfunding campaign to have started

Friday 25 August – invitations sent to shortlisted projects to present to selection panel, advice given to all others

Saturday 9 September – your chance to pitch your shortlisted TYS3 project to the selection panel (councillors and officers)

Friday 15 September  - Ealing’s TYS3 selected projects notified

Sunday 19 November – recommended date for your TYS3 crowdfunding campaigns to end

Take a look around the Bubble website for toolkits and links to help you build up your crowdfunding campaign. There’s also support on the Spacehive website.

You can also contact any of our experienced Transform Your Space team:

Anthony       020 8825 6710

Evelyn          020 8825 8021

Kofi               020 8825 5818

Lloyd             020 8825 6046

Tan                020 8825 6426


1. The location is in the London Borough of Ealing. (3%)


Land in London is limited and expensive so don’t overlook the local spaces that could do with some care and attention – perhaps it could be transformed into something the whole community can be proud of?


Don’t forget those forgotten urban spaces – the land in front of shops or grounds surrounded by blocks of flats and other residential property.


2. Your project attracts strong support from the community - shown via a spirited crowdfunding campaign with and other evidence. (30%)

 - your project must include that this is “a TYS (Transform Your Space) project” somewhere in your copy, be verified by Spacehive and received pledges by 20 August. This means that you will need to have submitted your milestones, quotes and landowner’s permission to so they can verify your information by *6 August.


3. Your project transforms an existing outdoor space from being unused or under-utilised to becoming a ‘new’ space that can be used by all. Or

4. Your project creates a new open (urban) space for use by the community. Or

5. Your project creates a new green space for use by the general public. Or

6. Your project creates a redesigned open (urban) or green space for use by the general public.



7. Your project has plans for community involvement after delivery, including maintenance of the space.

- can it generate opportunities for local people to volunteer or become involved in other ways?

- does it have innovative ideas about how your friends, neighbours and local community groups will help look after the space?



8. Your project makes a positive contribution towards one or more of the council’s priorities

Prosperous (2%)                                                            

Safer             (2%)                                                                          

Healthier     (2%)                                                                          

Cleaner        (2%)                                                                          

Fairer           (2%)                                                                           

Accessible   (2%) (max 12%)


The percentages in brackets indicate how we decide what projects to fund.



Sunday 6 August (midnight) - your project idea with quotes, landowner’s permission and project milestones to be on

Sunday 20 August (midnight) – your project to be receiving pledges on

Friday 25 August (midnight) you will receive an email to either

give you feedback and suggestions to help you progress with your crowdfunding campaign, or

invite you to present your project to the selection panel on Saturday 9 September

Saturday 9 September - selection panel presentations

Friday 15 September (midnight) – notification of those projects to be supported by Transform Your Space 3

Sunday 19 November (midnight) – last date for your crowdfunding campaign


NB. You are recommended to keep going with your crowdfunding campaign until 19 November as you may be able to crowdfund and deliver your project yourself, even if the council cannot support you in this round.


Bubble TYS3 info final.pdf | 246K | Transform Your Space 3 Information Bubble TYS3 criteria.pdf | 228K | Transform Your Space 3 Criteria