London Marathon Charitable Trust Small Capital Grants

Application date(s): 24 January 2018
Type of fund: Grant

What they offer

The Small Capital Project Grants Programme provides awards of between £5,000 and £20,000 to small projects which aim to help improve existing amenities or to build new facilities that will enable organisations to encourage and support more people to become involved in physical activity, sport and/or play, this programme those who are currently physically inactive. 


- Details of your organisation and the primary contact for the project.
- A short description and some details of your proposed project.
- A brief explanation of how the facility improvements will help to increase participation in physical activity, sport and/or play at the site, particularly amongst those who are currently not physically active.
- Confirmation of how much funding you are requesting from the Trust.
- Proof of your security of tenure over the site – this must be a lease of at least seven years or freehold of the site. Please note a licence to occupy is not sufficient.