Lady Margaret Transform Your Alley

Application date(s): 22 March 2018- 27 February 2019
Type of fund: Grant

What they offer

Lady Margaret ward forum have put £1,700 aside as a pilot scheme to support local residents to transform their alleys so that they help to make your street feel and look cleaner and safer.

The Lady Margaret Transform Your Alley Fund is available for any resident of Lady Margaret ward to apply for up to a maximum of £150 per person over 18 years of age.


Application submitted to The last date for submission for this round will be 27 February 2019.

Successful projects will be named by road only and published on the Bubble website once offer email is sent to applicant.

Successful applicants should receive their money within fifteen days of returning their signed acceptance form.

Projects must be completed and photos submitted to by 31 March 2019.



The scheme will be lanched at the Lady Margaret ward forum on 22 March 2018 and residents will be invited to go to the Bubble website to download an application, fill out the form, sign, date and send it by email to

The Lady Margaret ward forum councillors are familiar with the local area and the issues and concerns raised by residents at the ward forums and in their surgeries.

Building on this local knowledge and understanding they will assess the applications and will notify each applicant if they have been successful within 8 weeks of the application being received by email at  If applications are received from people who are neighbours, or want to run a similar project the Community Management Team may contact you to discuss your ideas further and offer other support for your projects where appropriate.

Each application will be scored by the councillors in accordance with the attached scoring sheet and the list of successful projects will be published by the name of road only on the Bubble website Any feedback on this fund would be welcome so the councillors can evaluate this pilot scheme.

Any resident who is offered funding for a project will be asked to provide evidence that the landowners and neighbours consent to the project as set out in the application form.

All projects will need to be delivered by 27 February 2019.

Any resident in receipt of funding will be required to

Keep receipts of the items bought to deliver their project for 2 years

Take a photograph of their project and send it to so it can be posted on Bubble

Ask people who are in the photo to give their written consent for their picture to be used on Bubble and any printed media

After the project has been completed to do a case study about their project to be posted on Bubble (the community management co-ordinator will help you do this)

What if I am not successful?

You will be notified if you are successful or not within 8 weeks of emailing your project to

This is a pilot project and if the ward councillors feel the project is worthwhile because it helps to make your street feel and look cleaner and safer then they may consider running a similar project in future.

You may find that you can deliver your project by looking on the Bubble website for ideas and help, including ideas about other ways you can raise funds, for example through local sponsorship and crowd funding.



LM Transform Your Alley intro june 2018.pdf | 361K | LM Transform Your Alley 2017-18 project process june 18.pdf | 126K | LM Transform Your Alley guidelines june18.pdf | 362K | LM Transform Your Alley application june 2018.pdf | 238K | Lady Margaret Transform Your Alley - Score Sheet.pdf | 578K |