Looking for funding for your idea or project can be a difficult and time-consuming task. We’ve made this easier for you by pulling together a whole range of funding opportunities all in one place with details of application criteria, deadlines and where you can get more information. You can even search for funding for particular type of projects.

Funding comes in all shapes and sizes including government grants, charitable organisations or crowdfunding websites. Many of the funding streams we have highlighted are targeting projects in the London Borough of Ealing.

Show me funding opportunities for...?

  • Lady Margaret Transform Your Alley

    Type: Grant
    Date(s): 22 March - 3 May 2018

    Lady Margaret ward forum have put £1,700 aside as a pilot scheme to support local residents to transform their alleys so that they help to make your street feel and look cleaner and safer.

    The Lady Margaret Transform Your Alley Fund is...

  • Southall Green Community Pot

    Type: Grant
    Date(s): 19 March 2018 til 16 May 2018

    Southall Green ward forum have put £2,000 aside as a pilot scheme to support resident-led improvements

    - along the canal towpath by Regina Road, on left before bridge over the canal

    - for the green space at junction of Queens Road...

  • Sport England - Asset fund

    Type: Grant
    Date(s): Ongoing

    Sport England is always looking to invest in different areas/spaces that give people within the community an opportunity to become more active.

  • Tudor Trust

    Type: Grant
    Date(s): Ongoing

    We particularly want to help smaller, community-led organisations that work directly with people who are at the margins of society.

  • Suez communities trust

    Type: Grant
    Date(s): Ongoing

    We're here to support community and environmental improvement projects.Applications are considered for three areas of work which qualify for funding.

  • Norwood Green Community Chest Fund

    Type: Grant
    Date(s): open til noon 16 March 2018 (results March 2018)

    Norwood Green ward forum have put £500 into a community chest as a pilot scheme to support local residents to start-up projects.
    23 March 2018 - the Norwood Green Community Chest will offer £50 to the following 4 selected projects:

    - to provide instruction on healthy Pakistani Cookery and bring ladies together to cook and eat from the Havelock Estate and King Street

    - to teach people on the Havelock and Toplocks estate and surrounding area how to speak and write English so they can understand letters and bank statements and become less dependent on others and more confident themselves

    - to teach people on the Havelock and Toplocks estate and surrounding community how to sew and to encourage others to come to the sewing club

    - to teach people on the Havelock and Toplocks estate how to knit so they can knit their own jumpers and cardigans