Connecting businesses in the community

If you’re a business, big or small there are number of ways you that can connect with the community. Whether it is helping keep your neighbourhoods clean and green by organising a corporate community clean-up day; or donating suitable furniture to a family in need; or helping create employment opportunities for residents by offering an apprenticeship.

Another way in which your business can help your community is by making sure that you are signed up to paying the real living wage. You can even receive a discount on your business rates.

If your organisation has an idea that you want to get kick started you can get connected with other residents by posting it using on the 'Get Connected' feature of this site. Bubble also has a range of toolkits to help get your project off the ground.

Ways in which you can help

Organise a community clean up

Donate suitable furniture

Offer an apprenticeship

Become a London living wage employer

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